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Natural Gourd Ornaments

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Make it a fair trade Christmas with simply the best natural gourd ornaments that bring twice the smiles! They are all Earth and child friendly by design and make wonderful gifts!

Each carved gourd ornament from our collection was handcrafted with care by our artist partners in Peru.

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Owl Featured!
Owl Petite Gourd Ornament
$8.75   2" - 2.5"H #CDAH005
Flying Owl Featured!
Flying Owl Gourd Ornament
$26.50   2" - 2.5"H x 6"W #CRG169N
Owls Mix of 20 Featured!
Owls Mix of 20 Petite Gourd Ornaments
$190.00   2.5"H #CRG115T
Birdie Cardinal Birdie Cardinal Carved Gourd Ornament
$13.75   Petite #CRG323R
Sparkly Owl Sparkly Owl  Gourd Ornament
$21.50   2" - 2.5"H #CRG161C
Sparkly Owl Sparkly Owl  Mini Gourd Ornament
$13.75   1.5"H #CRG161P
Blonde Owl Blonde Owl Petite Gourd Ornament
$10.50   2" - 2.5"H #CDAH171
Cat Cat Petite Gourd Ornament
$11.50   2" - 2.5"H #CDAH117
Owl Mom & Chick Owl Mom & Chick Petite Gourd Ornament
$10.75   2" - 2.5"H #CDAH115
Carved Gourd Art Carved Gourd Art Folded Tag - Pack of 50
$1.00   8.5" X 11" #LCGA01T
Red Owl Red Owl Petite Gourd Ornament
$8.75   2" - 3.5"H #CDAH027
Whimsy Hummingbirds Whimsy Hummingbirds Carved Gourd Ornament
$11.50   2" - 2.5"H #CRG303N
Whimsy Owls Whimsy Owls Carved Gourd Ornament
$13.75   2" - 2.5"H #CRG305N
Primavera Flowers Primavera Flowers Petite Gourd Ornament
$21.50   2" - 3.5"H #CRG403C
Mini Cat Mini Cat Gourd Ornament
$8.50   2" - 2.5"H #CRG116P
Fox Fox Carved Gourd Ornament
$12.50   2" - 2.5"H #CRG081N
Sea Life Sea Life Gourd Ornament
$11.50   2" - 3.5"H #CRG071N
Whimsy Bees Whimsy Bees Carved Gourd Ornament
$11.50   2" - 2.5"H #CRG311N
Whimsy Cat Whimsy Cat Gourd Ornament
$13.75   2" - 2.5"H #CRG316N
Whimsy Butterflies Whimsy Butterflies Carved Gourd Ornament
$11.50   2" - 2.5"H #CRG307N
Tree Frogs Tree Frogs Petite Gourd Ornament
$12.50   2.5"H #CRG123N
Groovy Owl Groovy Owl Gourd Ornament
$11.50   2" - 2.5"H #CRG144C
Fancy Ocean Fancy Ocean Carved Gourd Ornament
$24.50   2" - 3.5"H #CRG056N
Red Santa Red Santa Petite Gourd Ornament
$13.75   2" - 2.5"H #CRG312R
Cactus Cactus Petite Gourd Ornament
$11.50   2" - 3.5"H #CRG629N
Hugging Owl Hugging Owl Gourd Ornament
$10.50   2" - 2.5"H #CRG167N
Lace Birds Lace Birds Gourd Ornament
$19.50   2" - 2.5"H #CRG321C
Nativity Ceramic Pear Nativity Ceramic Pear Gourd Ornament
$13.75   2" - 3.5"H #CDSR001
Nativity Ceramic Color Nativity Ceramic Color Gourd Ornament
$13.75   2" - 3.5"H #CDSR003
Angels Angels Petite Gourd Ornament
$11.75   2" - 2.5"H #CRG085N
  Products 1-36 of 92  next next
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