fair trade

Fair Trade

Compassionate and Fair Trade

At Lucuma Designs, we LOVE everything handmade although our passion goes beyond just sharing beautiful objects. We dream of a world where everyone should have an opportunity to prosper and live with dignity, and our work is a journey in that direction.

Thanks to fair trade, our artists are empowered to improve their lives, invest in their kids’ education and gain a stronger voice within their communities one craft at a time.

a win-win conscious choice

As shoppers, when we buy a fair trade craft, or chocolate bar, coffee, or quinua, we also get a real boost of empowerment and warmth as we realize that our purchasing choices do make a difference. And that is truly the beauty of Fair Trade!


Our Fair Trade Commitment & Values

As active members of the Fair Trade Federation since 1999, we are thrilled to be part of this wonderful network of like-minded businesses who share our values for justice, compassion and sustainability. We also invite you to support our fair trade friends!

Our values are reflected in our Beauty Pillars and to guide our work we follow the Fair Trade Principles as set by the Fair Trade Federation.

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