New Gorbz - mini colored gourd ornaments

Our artists have dyed these mini gourds in festive colors. Gorbz™ are perfect for brightening up a space as is or they can be decorated to fit any décor or occasion. With so many ways to get creative we thought we'd show you some examples.

Examples of painted ornaments

Acrylic Paints

Easter is on its way, break out the acrylics to decorate Gorbz™ like eggs, add simple lines and shapes in pastel colors or use stencils for even more decorating fun. Then display them in a centerpiece, on a mantle or on a mini easter tree.

3D paint on Gorbz

3D paints

Dimensional t-shirt paint adds 3D appeal to these ornaments. Try a fun swirl or filagree pattern. Hang a few together for a pretty mobile.

Marker decorated ornaments


Use permanent markers to personalize these mini ornaments. Try adding names or dates, draw a pattern that matches a child's room or add a fun holiday element.

Gourds with stickers and washi tape

Stickers & Washi tape

Use simple stickers or strips of washi tape to create a fun abstract pattern or let kids decorate them with their favorite character.

glittery mini gourds


Who doesn't like a little bling. Cover Gorbz™ in glue and dip them in glitter to add a little sparkle to your day. Try different layers of color for even more fun.

Try combining techniques together, like glitter over 3D paint or stickers with marker embellishment. The creative possibilities are endless.