Lizzet Rodolfo July Update

Meet July’s artists Rodolfo Garcia Velasquez and Lizzet Santiago Hurtado and their daughter Diamela Sarai. Rodolfo and Lizzet, creators of our popular Santa gourds, started their group of gourd artisans in 2006. The group is called Allim Maky meaning hands working in pairs. Rodolfo and Lizzet work hard but also take time out to spend with Diamela. They enjoy playing and helping her with homework. Rodolfo and Diamela love to play volleyball in the afternoons and on the weekends she loves to help her dad count the gourds. When Rodolfo travels to Huancayo to collect the money for their carved gourds he buys story books for Diamela and they read them together before bed. They are very happy living in Chico Cochas - Huancayo.