August Update

Meet August's artists Otilia Sayritupa, Florentina Flores and Cristina Flores. These puppet knitters all live in the Lake Titicaca region of Peru.

Otillia lives in the community of Chinchera with her children Rocio and Hiliar. In addition to knitting dalmatians and bunnies she farms potatoes.

Florentina Flores lives in Puno. Knitting flamingo, eagle and rooster finger puppets helped her earn enough so that her children could finish their schooling. Now Florentina no longer needs to knit because her children are grown and they take care of her.

Cristina Flores lives with her husband who is a mechanic and the youngest of their children. Knitting red birds, cats and flamingos has provided income to help them make home improvements like fixing their floors and windows to protect themselves from the cold. Now she invites the entire family over to enjoy the religious holidays such as Virgin of Candelaria, Virgin of the Rosary and Virgin of the Assumption.