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Organic cotton is growing in popularity and here is why!

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Posted in Tips for Retailers Supporting the environment By Lucuma Designs
1% for the planet

Lucuma Designs became part of the 1% for the Planet Network in July 2018 to step up our green commitment. This means that we will donate at least 1% of all of our sales to non-profits working for the environment.

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Posted in Supporting the environment By Alessandra Bravo
tree of life arpillera

Earth Day only comes once a year, but there are so many activities to do and steps we can complete to clean up our planet year-round. Want to help save the planet? Here's a list of ten tips to help get you started!

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Fair trade organics

With each fair trade and organic product you buy for yourself or carry in your store, your impact on the earth extends even farther. Supporting organic agriculture is a concrete and effective way to help preserve and restore our beautiful blue planet as well as all living creatures —including us!

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Posted in Fair Trade Supporting the environment By Lucuma Designs

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