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Story Sheets & Selling Aids
Story Sheets & Selling Aids

Handmade Beauty

10/15/2018 12:37 PM

Handmade gourd carving

Behind every handcrafted gift, there is a story. These gifts offer windows into the lives of the talented artists who have poured their love and time into creating something truly unique. Their crafts offer intrinsic value that goes far beyond what our eyes can see, which is why we love our products so much. And we know you will, too!

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organic cotton finger puppets

At Lucuma Designs we believe that a beautiful world must be clean and safe for all. That’s why we switched to 100% organic cotton in 2011. Find out more about how organic cotton helps the planet

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Finger Puppets for Education

3/27/2018 9:00 AM

Knitter's hands

Celebrate Education and Sharing Day by learning about how our finger puppets affect education.

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Meet Estela Llanque Ticona

9/7/2016 11:58 AM

Estela September Update

Estela Llanque Ticona is a puppet knitter who lives in a community fifteen minutes from Cochiraya

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