Ana Maria - gourd carver

Ana Maria (one of our carvers) is a warrior, resilent and dedicated to move her daughters forward despite the difficulties of leaving her town behind.

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Fair Trade Mothers

Mother's Day and Fair Trade Day are both this weekend so we wanted to take a minute and thank you for supporting 360° fair trade which in turn helps support mothers all over the world.

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Paola Gattinoni mother and hero

Reflecting on the contribution of women leadership in our world, my hero while growing up and best model of a strong, independent and super confident woman is definitely Paola Gattinoni, my mom.

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October's Featured Artists

10/12/2016 12:15 PM

August Update

By supporting fair trade you help support and empower artisans and farmers. Meet October's artists Silvia Huaman Loa, Esther Sarmiento de la Cruz and Nery Leon.

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