Five Beauty Pillars

Five Beauty Pillars

These core principles guide our work and keep our team committed and passionate to give always our best!

creative beauty

Beauty brings pleasure to the senses and exalts the spirit!
By encouraging our artists to bring forth their creative spark and spontaneity in their work, superb artistry and originality flourish. This allows us to maximize the joy our handmade gifts bring to the makers as well as the receivers and everyone in between!

social beauty

Helping people feels good!
At Lucuma Designs we strive to build win-win partnerships for the long run and honor humanity in all of our business decisions. Through fair trade, we create opportunities for Peruvian artists where there are few, so artists can help themselves and their communities with hope for a better tomorrow. At our workplace, we seek to create a fun atmosphere that encourages team building, creative collaboration and growth.

market beauty

As empowered consumers we are all part of the solution!
By linking consumers like you to our artists in Peru through beautiful and uplifting handmade gifts, we bridge cultural borders while opening hearts and minds to new possibilities.

eco beauty

Seeking harmony with our Mother Earth is everyone’s duty!
Our collections are made, whenever possible using natural, recycled or eco-friendly materials and processes to protect the health of producers as well as the environment. Recycling, and green supplies fulfill a good part of our business consumables.

authentic beauty

Beauty swirls within diversity & authenticity!
In our artist partnerships, we seek opportunities where we can bring forward the most innovative design contribution while helping keep ancestral craft traditions alive. As we collaborate closely with our artists, we pair our creative ideas with their unique techniques, imagination, and local materials to offer you only the most authentic, beautiful and exclusive gifts you won’t find anywhere else!