Monthly Archives: August 2017

  1. Creating Santa gourds

    Santa Gourd video

    Watch the process a gourd goes through to become a santa ornament.

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  2. Meet gourd artists Alejandro and Victoria

    Alejandro and Victoria

    Alejandro and Victoria work together running a workshop that creates many of our popular gourd ornaments.

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  3. Meet Deysi & Christian

    Deysi and Christian, ceramic artists

    Meet the young artist couple behind our new nativity ornaments.

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  4. Meet Richard Chavez Quispe

    Richard, ceramic artist

    Since 1995, Richard has been showcasing his art and gaining recognition by winning several folk art contests both nationally and internationally

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  5. Meet Rogger and our Chulucanas pots

    Rogger, ceramic artist

    Rogger proudly follows the traditional technique of Chulucanas ceramics which obtains the black by burning mango leaves.

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