Monthly Archives: February 2018

  1. Video: Send love with messengers

    heart messenger video

    Show the world you care with Fair Trade Messengers.

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  2. Boruca's Mask Making Tradition

    Boruca Mask History

    Boruca's mask tradition started in the 1500s when they used masks depicting animals or nature spirits were used to scare the Spanish, who then called the natives “diablitos” or little devils.

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  3. 2018 Boruca Mask Show

    2018 Boruca Mask Show

    The 14th annual Borucan mask show at Sarasota's Marie Selby Botanical Gardens concluded last week. This is the second year that Lucuma Designs has taken part in this exclusive annual gallery show for the Borucan Masks. The show featured more than 300 hand carved and painted art pieces created by a group of 19 artists from Boruca, Costa Rica.

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