Monthly Archives: May 2020

  1. Buzz-Worldly Bee Gifts!

    bee products

    As conscious consumers, honoring our connection with all life on Earth may start as simply as falling in love with a handcrafted, bee-inspired gift or two! Tasting honey could open our hearts to being grateful to the richness in our lives. And while these handmade gifts help raise awareness for all pollinators, they double their goodness by supporting decent livelihoods for the artists' communities who created them!

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  2. Loving Our Bees!

    bee products

    Every time we bite into a crispy apple, a fragrant apricot, a juicy strawberry or tomato, we have some bees to thank! As champion pollinators, honeybees and about 20,000 native bee species fly from flower to flower collecting pollen for their colonies while spreading pollen from plant to plant, doing an invaluable service that supports all life.

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  3. Play & Learn with Finger Puppets

    finger puppets

    Get your earth-friendly organic cotton or alpaca wool hand-knitted finger puppets for hours of fun play -OR- make your own out of paper! Just download our free finger puppet printable patterns and let the fun begin.

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  4. Gratitude Gourd Box Video

    knitted finger puppet video

    A place where we can all share the good things happening in our lives right now despite our difficulties. May you be inspired to start your own Gratitude Box with your family!

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  5. DIY Printable Farm Finger Puppets

    fairy tale finger puppets

    Download a PDF for these fun farm paper finger puppets of a cow, horse, pig and more! Print on cardstock or heavy paper (8.5x11”) and cut along the dotted lines. Next, either fix the tabs with tape or glue or make notches and overlap. With a larger, open ring shape, the puppets can stand on a hard surface and be used like paper dolls. Otherwise, size the band to a finger and you’re good to play!

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  6. Bernardino, Ceramic Artist, Arequipa, Perú 4/27/20

    We’re Grateful for Fair Trade!

    There’s a feeling of deep satisfaction when you bring something handmade into your life that you know brought good to the artist, the community and the earth. Fair trade is more important than ever, and while the challenges are great, we’re grateful to have you as part of our community. Three cheers for Fair Trade Day this Saturday, May 9th! This week we got a nice surprise from clay artist, Bernardino, which touched our hearts deeply. He sent us this beautiful gratitude video, which we hope you'll enjoy.

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  7. The Gratitude Box Project - April / Caja De Gratitud

    gratitude box

    This Community Gratitude Box is a space where our teams, artists and clients can share what really matters right now. With this, we hope to bring our communities closer and everyone is invited to participate!

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