Monthly Archives: September 2020

  1. Trees Water People


    Trees Water People

    Doing Good: They work in Central America planting trees, installing fuel efficient and safe cooking stoves and empowering communities. Now, we like them even more as they have started a project with Indigenous communities in the US, helping to instal eco-friendly housing and solar panels.

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  2. American Bird Conservancy

    gratitude box

    American Bird Conservancy

    The good they do: This organization provides needed advocacy and protection for bird species and habitats in the Americas.

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  3. Sea Shepherd Conservation Society


    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

    The good they do: Sea Shepherd works tirelessly to protect precious marine life and fight illegal and destructive actions that threaten the health of our oceans.

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  4. Seed Saver’s Exchange


    Seeds Saver’s Exchange

    Doing Good: We love their mission of seed sovereignty as a way to promote biodiversity to benefit us all.

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