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  1. Bernardino, Ceramic Artist, Arequipa, Perú 4/27/20

    We’re Grateful for Fair Trade!

    There’s a feeling of deep satisfaction when you bring something handmade into your life that you know brought good to the artist, the community and the earth. Fair trade is more important than ever, and while the challenges are great, we’re grateful to have you as part of our community. Three cheers for Fair Trade Day this Saturday, May 9th! This week we got a nice surprise from clay artist, Bernardino, which touched our hearts deeply. He sent us this beautiful gratitude video, which we hope you'll enjoy.

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  2. Updates from Our Artists and Team

    Arpillera Artist Silvia

    As an international fair trade company, we’re concerned about all the lives that Covid-19 is impacting. Like we all know, the virus is changing every aspect of life and work, but fortunately, so far, our employees and artists in Peru and Costa Rica remain healthy and all our team members are working remotely. Alessandra and I are in Peru, we were here when the borders closed. For now we need to stay put and are able to oversee our aide efforts here. We are using this time to strategize and use our creativity to do what we can right now.

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  3. Store Sign For Organic Cotton Finger Puppets

    Media player blog

    Organic cotton is growing in popularity and here is why!

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  4. Raquel Sanabria García: Growing with Gourd Art and Fair Trade

    Ester arpillera quilter

    Raquel Sanabria García grew up admiring her parents’ ability to create beautiful gourd art. So, as she grew, so did her love and talent in creating gourd art.

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  5. Cardinals Add Spark to Your Display

    cardinal products from Lucuma Designs

    Cardinals are beloved birds everywhere! Whether they symbolize love, loyalty, or seen as a messenger from the spirit world, they have played numerous roles in mythology and literature. So, get creative while incorporating them into your displays.

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  6. Lizzet Hurtado: A Woman Artist Empowered by Fair Trade

    Lizzet gourd artist

    Representing a new generation of gourd artists, Lizzet Hurtado continued her family’s art tradition when marrying Rodolfo few years ago, they started their own workshop. As an accomplished artist and business woman, she has experienced her dose of gender discrimination in our male-dominated society. She felt first hand how a woman must work harder than her male counterparts to leave a mark.

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  7. Richard Chavez Quispe, ceramic artist

    alabaster artist

    Born on a ranch in Callao, Peru, Richard picked up his love for ceramics thanks to his older brother, Victor.

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