Fair Trade

  1. Fair Trade Together for Pollinators

    Let your love for pollinators shine with these inspired goods!

    Soothing, natural, peaceful, or "just plain sweet" pollinator products can infuse your home or store with a sense of wellbeing and balance. Celebrate and respect the important work that these small, imperiled creatures do by first educating yourself about simple ways to protect their habitats and second, by socially connecting with and shopping from international companies and artisan workshops like us, who care for our shared earth and people. 

    Look and shop a variety of inspired-by-pollinators goodies brought to you by compassionate businesses from the FairTradeFederation.org (product directory under each photo).



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  2. The Gratitude Box Project - April / Caja De Gratitud

    gratitude box

    This Community Gratitude Box is a space where our teams, artists and clients can share what really matters right now. With this, we hope to bring our communities closer and everyone is invited to participate!

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  3. Updates from Our Artists and Team

    Arpillera Artist Silvia

    As an international fair trade company, we’re concerned about all the lives that Covid-19 is impacting. Like we all know, the virus is changing every aspect of life and work, but fortunately, so far, our employees and artists in Peru and Costa Rica remain healthy and all our team members are working remotely. Alessandra and I are in Peru, we were here when the borders closed. For now we need to stay put and are able to oversee our aide efforts here. We are using this time to strategize and use our creativity to do what we can right now.

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  4. Lucuma Gratitude Box - March / Caja De Gratitud

    gratitude box

    Creating a Gratitude Box to giving thanks is a practice anyone can do at home, individually or as a family! Giving thanks helps us shift gears from our worried mind and allows us to pause and appreciate what truly matters within our hearts.

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  5. Staying Healthy and Positive in a Time of Crisis

    Love and Healthy Wishes to Our One World Family

    May I be happy, healthy and wealthy

    The global health crisis and emotional turmoil we are collectively facing is rocking our world. Everything is changing and last week’s priorities seem today irrelevant. With our new realities shifting by the hour, we are grasping to understand what next.

    While conscious of the hardship, sadness and pain this Covid-19 virus threat brings us, we must remain positive and calm so we can see beyond its ugliness.

    This world pandemic is making it easier to see how interconnected we are. It is inspiring g

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  6. Healing our World Through the Beauty of Fair Trade

    fair trade gourd artists

    Fair Trade gifts have a magical power to open our hearts by creating meaningful connections between us conscious consumers and crafters far away. They help us get in touch with our own humanity by reminding us we are one big world family. All of us have the ability to open our hearts and wish for others, what we wish for ourselves.

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  7. Puno Travel Log: Meeting Nifty Knitters

    organic cotton finger puppets

    Follow along with Don and Alessandra's trip to visit with our talented knitters in Puno, Peru! Read on for updates about our knitters and knitted collections.

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  8. Raquel Sanabria García: Growing with Gourd Art and Fair Trade

    Ester arpillera quilter

    Raquel Sanabria García grew up admiring her parents’ ability to create beautiful gourd art. So, as she grew, so did her love and talent in creating gourd art.

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  9. Ester de la Cruz: An Arpillera Quilter Empowered by Fair Trade

    Ester arpillera quilter

    In 2004, Ester joined a small collective of around 20 arpillera artists and started working with Lucuma Designs. As part of this tight group, she values the connections she has made thanks to her art.

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  10. Just Creations: Fair Trade, Quality Service, and Education

    Joan from Just Creations

    Lucuma Designs had the chance to catch up with Joan Frisz, store buyer at Just Creations, located in Louisville, KY. I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to interview Joan to get the inside scoop about her mission, her take on the fair trade family, and her predictions for the future of fair trade.

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