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  1. Puno Travel Log: Meeting Nifty Knitters

    organic cotton finger puppets

    Follow along with Don and Alessandra's trip to visit with our talented knitters in Puno, Peru! Read on for updates about our knitters and knitted collections.

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  2. Edith Cruz: A Woman Knitter Empowered by Fair Trade

    Lizzet gourd artist

    In the rural villages around Lake Titicaca, knitting is a major way of life--especially for women and children. So, despite learning this skill later than most other girls, Edith Cruz became a knitting leader through perseverance and hard work. Thanks to these skills, Edith was able to go to college to earn not one, but two degrees. Read more about how fair trade helped empower her!

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  3. Veronica Cruz Knits a Bear Finger Puppet

    knitted finger puppet video

    Have you ever wondered what it takes to hand-knit one of our popular, adorable puppets? Watch master knitter Veronica Cruz as she brings the Little Bear Puppet to life in Puno, Peru!

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  4. Knitting an Alpaca Ornament in Puno, Peru

    knitted alpaca ornament video

    Have you ever wondered what it takes to hand-knit our adorable alpaca wool ornaments? Watch Elvira, one of our talented knitters from Puno, Peru, create an alpaca ornament!

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  5. Handmade Beauty

    Handmade gourd carving

    Behind every handcrafted gift, there is a story. These gifts offer windows into the lives of the talented artists who have poured their love and time into creating something truly unique. Their crafts offer intrinsic value that goes far beyond what our eyes can see, which is why we love our products so much. And we know you will, too!

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  6. Organic Cotton and Sustainability in Fair Trade, a Balancing Act

    organic cotton finger puppets

    At Lucuma Designs we believe that a beautiful world must be clean and safe for all. That’s why we switched to 100% organic cotton in 2011. Find out more about how organic cotton helps the planet

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  7. Finger Puppets for Education

    Knitter's hands

    Celebrate Education and Sharing Day by learning about how our finger puppets affect education.

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  8. Meet Estela Llanque Ticona

    Estela September Update

    Estela Llanque Ticona is a puppet knitter who lives in a community fifteen minutes from Cochiraya

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  9. A happy helping hand

    A happy helping hand

    When other work is scarce, men help their wives with the knitting. Mr. Juan is the husband of Mrs. Estela Ticona who is one of the knitters with Daria's group.

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  10. Knitting: a family tradition

    Manuel June Update

    Meet Manuel Ramos Mamani, our artist for June. He is pictured with his grandson Neymar Ramos Perez.

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