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  1. Staying Healthy and Positive in a Time of Crisis

    Love and Healthy Wishes to Our One World Family

    May I be happy, healthy and wealthy

    The global health crisis and emotional turmoil we are collectively facing is rocking our world. Everything is changing and last week’s priorities seem today irrelevant. With our new realities shifting by the hour, we are grasping to understand what next.

    While conscious of the hardship, sadness and pain this Covid-19 virus threat brings us, we must remain positive and calm so we can see beyond its ugliness.

    This world pandemic is making it easier to see how interconnected we are. It is inspiring g

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  2. Ester de la Cruz: An Arpillera Quilter Empowered by Fair Trade

    Ester arpillera quilter

    In 2004, Ester joined a small collective of around 20 arpillera artists and started working with Lucuma Designs. As part of this tight group, she values the connections she has made thanks to her art.

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  3. Edith Cruz: A Woman Knitter Empowered by Fair Trade

    Lizzet gourd artist

    In the rural villages around Lake Titicaca, knitting is a major way of life--especially for women and children. So, despite learning this skill later than most other girls, Edith Cruz became a knitting leader through perseverance and hard work. Thanks to these skills, Edith was able to go to college to earn not one, but two degrees. Read more about how fair trade helped empower her!

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  4. Lizzet Hurtado: A Woman Artist Empowered by Fair Trade

    Lizzet gourd artist

    Representing a new generation of gourd artists, Lizzet Hurtado continued her family’s art tradition when marrying Rodolfo few years ago, they started their own workshop. As an accomplished artist and business woman, she has experienced her dose of gender discrimination in our male-dominated society. She felt first hand how a woman must work harder than her male counterparts to leave a mark.

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  5. Ayacucho Peru during Easter Week

    Ayacucho Easter Week

    Highlights from a visit Ayacucho, Peru during Holy Week or Semana Santa as the week before Easter is known in Peru. Ayacucho is famous for having more than 30 Catholic churches, and every one has a celebration and a parade before Easter.

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  6. Flooding in Peru

    Heavy floods in Peru

    Bouts of heavier than normal rain have lead to many areas of Peru flooding and experiencing mudslides

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  7. Celebrating my mom and hero on International Women’s Day

    Paola Gattinoni mother and hero

    Reflecting on the contribution of women leadership in our world, my hero while growing up and best model of a strong, independent and super confident woman is definitely Paola Gattinoni, my mom.

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