Boruca Mask Show

Over the second half of last year Lucuma began developing a relationship with a very talented set of artists from the Boruca tribe of Costa Rica. Their vibrant balsa wood sculptures blend ancestral traditions and ecological sensibility with a modern twist. These elaborate hand crafted works of art just concluded their 3 week exhibit on display at our local Marie Selby Botanical Gardens.

For 13 years Selby Gardens, here in Sarasota, has held an exclusive annual fund-raising gallery show for the Borucan Masks. Lucuma is very excited to be taking part this year. The show featured more than 200 masks created by a group of 13 artists. The masks are created through a collaborative effort that includes not only designing, hand carving and painting but also the tree harvesting and preparation. The exposure that the artists receive through this show not only assists them but also the tribe as a whole.