boruca masks

  1. Women and Boruca Masks

    emerging female artists

    Traditionally, and for generations, mask making has been a male dominated activity. Only very recently, some women in Boruca have become interested in painting masks but it is still rare to see one carving.

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  2. Sugey Jimenez Acosta, Borucan artist

    Sugey Boruca mask painter

    Sugey started playing with paint brushes at a young age inspired by her godmother. After marrying Marcos in 2005, she easily picked up new techniques from him while falling in love with mask painting. Orchids are her specialty as she enjoys replicating different varieties with intricate details.

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  3. Loly, Maria De Los Santos, Borucan artist

    rainforest mask artist

    Loly dries and boils the jicara fruit for hours to cure and clean it. Then she envisions her animal, carving the legs, head and tail in balsa wood. Her grandson works alongside her, adding the color.

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  4. Rosa Rojas Morales, Borucan artist

    mask artist Rosa

    Rosa, one of the few women artists in Boruca, enjoys working with others, as she loves trading ideas and inspiration with other artists

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