fair trade store

  1. Healing our World Through the Beauty of Fair Trade

    fair trade gourd artists

    Fair Trade gifts have a magical power to open our hearts by creating meaningful connections between us conscious consumers and crafters far away. They help us get in touch with our own humanity by reminding us we are one big world family. All of us have the ability to open our hearts and wish for others, what we wish for ourselves.

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  2. Fair Trade, Free Hugs, and Plenty of Stories: Store Highlight

    cardinal products from Lucuma Designs

    Lucuma Designs had the chance to catch up with Sandy Ramsay, co-founder of Artisans' World Marketplace, located in Sarasota, FL. While there, we got the scoop from Sandy about what it's like to be a fair trade store owner, her experiences, and what it takes to keep fair trade alive.

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