gourd carvers

  1. Raquel Sanabria García: Growing with Gourd Art and Fair Trade

    Ester arpillera quilter

    Raquel Sanabria García grew up admiring her parents’ ability to create beautiful gourd art. So, as she grew, so did her love and talent in creating gourd art.

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  2. Lizzet Hurtado: A Woman Artist Empowered by Fair Trade

    Lizzet gourd artist

    Representing a new generation of gourd artists, Lizzet Hurtado continued her family’s art tradition when marrying Rodolfo few years ago, they started their own workshop. As an accomplished artist and business woman, she has experienced her dose of gender discrimination in our male-dominated society. She felt first hand how a woman must work harder than her male counterparts to leave a mark.

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  3. A Story of Resilience and Hope

    Ana Maria - gourd carver

    Ana Maria (one of our carvers) is a warrior, resilent and dedicated to move her daughters forward despite the difficulties of leaving her town behind.

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