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  1. Updates from Our Artists and Team

    Arpillera Artist Silvia

    As an international fair trade company, we’re concerned about all the lives that Covid-19 is impacting. Like we all know, the virus is changing every aspect of life and work, but fortunately, so far, our employees and artists in Peru and Costa Rica remain healthy and all our team members are working remotely. Alessandra and I are in Peru, we were here when the borders closed. For now we need to stay put and are able to oversee our aide efforts here. We are using this time to strategize and use our creativity to do what we can right now.

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  2. DIY Printable Easter Finger Puppets

    Download and Print your Easter Finger Puppets!

    Download a PDF for these fun Spring or Easter paper finger puppets of bunnies, a duckling, and a butterfly! Print on cardstock or heavy paper (8.5x11”) and cut along the dotted lines. Next, either fix the tabs with tape or glue or make notches and overlap. With a larger, open ring shape, the puppets can stand on a hard surface and be used like paper dolls. Otherwise, size the band to a finger and you’re good to play!

    DIY Easter Finger Puppets

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  3. Lucuma Gratitude Box - March / Caja De Gratitud

    gratitude box

    Creating a Gratitude Box to giving thanks is a practice anyone can do at home, individually or as a family! Giving thanks helps us shift gears from our worried mind and allows us to pause and appreciate what truly matters within our hearts.

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  4. Staying Healthy and Positive in a Time of Crisis

    Love and Healthy Wishes to Our One World Family

    May I be happy, healthy and wealthy

    The global health crisis and emotional turmoil we are collectively facing is rocking our world. Everything is changing and last week’s priorities seem today irrelevant. With our new realities shifting by the hour, we are grasping to understand what next.

    While conscious of the hardship, sadness and pain this Covid-19 virus threat brings us, we must remain positive and calm so we can see beyond its ugliness.

    This world pandemic is making it easier to see how interconnected we are. It is inspiring g

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  5. Trending in 2020

    nature gourds

    In these technologically driven times, life seems to keep accelerating and changes happen at an incredible speed, at a personal, collective and planetary level. By identifying what shoppers’ needs are today (and most likely tomorrow) we may be more prepared to serve them better.

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  6. Women and Boruca Masks

    emerging female artists

    Traditionally, and for generations, mask making has been a male dominated activity. Only very recently, some women in Boruca have become interested in painting masks but it is still rare to see one carving.

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  7. Sugey Jimenez Acosta, Borucan artist

    Sugey Boruca mask painter

    Sugey started playing with paint brushes at a young age inspired by her godmother. After marrying Marcos in 2005, she easily picked up new techniques from him while falling in love with mask painting. Orchids are her specialty as she enjoys replicating different varieties with intricate details.

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  8. Melvin Gonzalez Rojas, Borucan artist

    rainforest mask artist

    As an accomplished and recognized Borucan artist, Melvin likes to challenge himself. Over the past few years he has transitioned to painting more often on canvas than on balsa wood.

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  9. Rudy Gomez, Borucan artist

    Rudy Boruca mask carver

    Rudy is one of the youngest fine-carving artists. He eagerly learns new carving tricks. Most often, a mask artist will bring him a balsa wood log with a design drawn on it for him to carve. In return the artist will paint one of his masks.

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  10. Modern Masks

    boruca rainforest mask

    For Borucans, these masks symbolize protective nature spirits. Masks have a special place in their hearts because they saved the very existence of their ancestors and culture.

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