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  1. Rosa Rojas Morales, Borucan artist

    mask artist Rosa

    Rosa, one of the few women artists in Boruca, enjoys working with others, as she loves trading ideas and inspiration with other artists

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  2. Boruca Timeline

    boruca mask history

    The Boruca people have suffered to maintain their beautiful culture and art. Through these hardships, they were able to blossom and learn from their trials and tribulations.

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  3. Juego de los Diablitos

    boruca diablito mask

    For Borucans, these masks symbolize protective nature spirits. Masks have a special place in their hearts because they saved the very existence of their ancestors and culture.

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  4. Bestsellers of 2018

    bestselling owl mix

    Gourds, puppets, ceramics--oh my! 2018 brought us so many cool, new products, which seemed to spark customers’ interests.

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  5. Luis Miguel Rojas Morales, Borucan artist

    boruca mask artist

    Luis Miguel has a great passion for the Boruca masks and tradition, and he hopes to further improve his technique and painting skills.

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  6. Bernardo Gonzalez Maroto, Borucan artist

    mask artist Bernardo

    Bernardo is a prolific artist, who is often in high demand in his village. He sometimes carves his own pieces, but mostly spends his time collaborating with other artists

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  7. Francisco Rojas Morales, Borucan artist

    mask artist Francisco

    Francisco is one of the most accomplished painters. He treats his masks like white, 3-D canvases, in which colors flow naturally without any pre-planning.

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  8. Neftali Rojas Morales, Borucan artist

    boruca mask artist

    Neftali has become an accomplished painter, and the sophistication in this year’s work stands out and has reached a new level!

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  9. Domingo Rojas Morales, Borucan artist

    Domingo, Boruca Mask artist

    Domingo’s work has a distinctive and uplifting boldness.

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  10. Esteban Morales Lazaro, Borucan artist

    Boruca mask artist

    Esteban enjoys envisioning and designing his own pieces and collaborates with several painters to make them really pop.

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