1. Marcos Rojas Morales, Borucan artist

    Marcos Boruca Mask Artist

    Marcos is a master Borucan artist, equipped with a bold imagination, years of carving experience, and exceptional painting skills.

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  2. Marlon and Francisco create a flamingo mask

    knitted finger puppet video

    These intricate, magical Boruca masks have made such a positive impact on the Boruca village. But what goes into bringing these pieces to life? Watch as master carver Marlon and professional painter Francisco as they create a fantastic flamingo mask.

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  3. Rainforest Masks at Selby Gardens in January 2019

    knitted finger puppet video

    Get lost in tropical Costa Rica and wander through the Rainforest Mask sale and exhibit at Selby Gardens. The masks return for the 15th consecutive year to enchant locals and art enthusiasts with over 300 original pieces by indigenous Borucan artists.

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  4. Richard Chavez Quispe, ceramic artist

    alabaster artist

    Born on a ranch in Callao, Peru, Richard picked up his love for ceramics thanks to his older brother, Victor.

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  5. Victor Chavez Quispe, ceramic artist

    Victor Chavez Quispe, ceramic artist
    ceramic artist

    Victor discovered his talent for ceramics in 1981 when, as a teenager, he visited his parents’ hometown in Ayacucho. There, surrounded by artists, he naturally picked up the craft, experimenting with clay and taking advice from his aunts.

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  6. Veronica Cruz Knits a Bear Finger Puppet

    knitted finger puppet video

    Have you ever wondered what it takes to hand-knit one of our popular, adorable puppets? Watch master knitter Veronica Cruz as she brings the Little Bear Puppet to life in Puno, Peru!

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  7. Knitting an Alpaca Ornament in Puno, Peru

    knitted alpaca ornament video

    Have you ever wondered what it takes to hand-knit our adorable alpaca wool ornaments? Watch Elvira, one of our talented knitters from Puno, Peru, create an alpaca ornament!

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  8. Why we are thankful

    Vilma March Update

    Our featured artist for March is a puppet knitter from Chucuito, a village near Puno in the Lake Titicaca region of Peru.

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  9. Fair Trade and Organics Pair Beautifully

    Fair trade organics

    With each fair trade and organic product you buy for yourself or carry in your store, your impact on the earth extends even farther. Supporting organic agriculture is a concrete and effective way to help preserve and restore our beautiful blue planet as well as all living creatures —including us!

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  10. Richard Chavez, Peruvian master ceramist, creating a Nativity

    ceramic nativity video

    Wondering what it takes to create such delicate Nativities? Watch as Richard creates Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus, by hand with amazing detail!

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