1. Knitting an Alpaca Ornament in Puno, Peru

    knitted alpaca ornament video

    Have you ever wondered what it takes to hand-knit our adorable alpaca wool ornaments? Watch Elvira, one of our talented knitters from Puno, Peru, create an alpaca ornament!

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  2. Why we are thankful

    Vilma March Update

    This time of the year we are reminded of how incredibly fortunate we are for your support and dedication! As fair traders, business people, Americans and Peruvians, we are also grateful for...

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  3. Fair Trade and Organics Pair Beautifully

    Fair trade organics

    With each fair trade and organic product you buy for yourself or carry in your store, your impact on the earth extends even farther. Supporting organic agriculture is a concrete and effective way to help preserve and restore our beautiful blue planet as well as all living creatures —including us!

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  4. Richard Chavez, Peruvian master ceramist, creating a Nativity

    ceramic nativity video

    Wondering what it takes to create such delicate Nativities? Watch as Richard creates Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus, by hand with amazing detail!

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  5. Handmade Beauty

    Handmade gourd carving

    Behind every handcrafted gift, there is a story. These gifts offer windows into the lives of the talented artists who have poured their love and time into creating something truly unique. Their crafts offer intrinsic value that goes far beyond what our eyes can see, which is why we love our products so much. And we know you will, too!

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  6. Creating a Ceramic Confetti Goat

    ceramic ornament process

    Watch as artisans in Peru draw, clean, paint and carve gourd ornaments for Lucuma Designs.

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  7. Benjamin Pizarro, Alabaster Artist

    alabaster artist

    Benjamin has been considered a professional sculptor since age 14 and has since blossomed into an internationally-known alabaster stone carver. His works range from small crafts to grand religious and nature-themed statues.

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  8. Costa Rica Travel Log

    organic cotton finger puppets

    Follow along with Don and Alessandra's trip to visit with the Boruca Mask artists in Costa Rica. Come back fo updates throughout the journey.

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  9. Ceramic Confetti Ornament - See it from start to finish

    ceramic goat video

    Watch as artisans in Peru draw, clean, paint and carve gourd ornaments for Lucuma Designs.

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  10. It’s Only Fair to Care for our Mother Earth

    one percent for the planet

    Lucuma Designs is now a proud member of the 1% for the Planet network. This means that for every $1 of our handmade gifts you buy for your store, we will donate a minimum of 1% to non-profits helping the environment.

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