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  1. Cardinals Add Spark to Your Display

    cardinal products from Lucuma Designs

    Cardinals are beloved birds everywhere! Whether they symbolize love, loyalty, or seen as a messenger from the spirit world, they have played numerous roles in mythology and literature. So, get creative while incorporating them into your displays.

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  2. Lizzet Hurtado: A Woman Artist Empowered by Fair Trade

    Lizzet gourd artist

    Representing a new generation of gourd artists, Lizzet Hurtado continued her family’s art tradition when marrying Rodolfo few years ago, they started their own workshop. As an accomplished artist and business woman, she has experienced her dose of gender discrimination in our male-dominated society. She felt first hand how a woman must work harder than her male counterparts to leave a mark.

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  3. What's your opinion? Tell us and win!

    Store Aid Survey

    New year, new ideas, better collaboration! Please help us understand how to better serve your store and what you would like to see more of.

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  4. Selby Gardens Rainforest Mask Painting Class: Educational and Enchanting!

    Marcos teaching mask painting

    The Rainforest Mask exhibit at Selby Gardens in Sarasota, FL offered so many opportunities to learn more about the beauty of Borucan culture. During the first week of the exhibit, three team members of Lucuma Designs took the opportunity to have their hands at mask painting. What did they think of the experience?

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  5. Boruca Artists Winners Selby 2019

    Boruca mask winners

    During the three-week-long Rainforest Mask exhibit at Selby Gardens, hundreds of guests took the opportunity to vote for their favorite mask, artist, and carver. The mask artists made it quite difficult to choose, thanks to their talent, dedication, and immense effort this year.

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  6. German Morales Delgado, Borucan artist

    Boruca mask carver

    German has taught a few other mask carvers over the years, after learning his skills through his brother in 1998. He proudly works with his fellow carvers in Taller Brún̈crin̈.

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  7. Emilio Granda Obando, Borucan artist

    Emelio Boruca mask carver

    Emilio proudly creates his masks at Taller Brún̈crin̈ and has spent many years refining his art.

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  8. Rosa Rojas Morales, Borucan artist

    mask artist Rosa

    Rosa, one of the few women artists in Boruca, enjoys working with others, as she loves trading ideas and inspiration with other artists

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  9. Boruca Timeline

    boruca mask history

    The Boruca people have suffered to maintain their beautiful culture and art. Through these hardships, they were able to blossom and learn from their trials and tribulations.

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  10. Juego de los Diablitos

    boruca diablito mask

    For Borucans, these masks symbolize protective nature spirits. Masks have a special place in their hearts because they saved the very existence of their ancestors and culture.

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