Snowflakes - Petite

Snowflakes - Petite Carved Gourd Box

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Crafted by a young couple of creatives in Peru, this sensational snowy gourd box will make a lovely addition to any household for the holiday season! Use it as a decorative piece or keep it on your nightstand to hold tiny treasures.

Designed and hand-crafted by artists in Peru, our gourd boxes bring a modern flair to a 4,000-year-old traditional carving and burning technique. Gourd boxes are durable but last much longer when kept dry and out of any humidity.

CGB159P Snowflake Box
CGB159P Snowflake Box CGB159P Snowflake Box

    Lizzet and Rodolfo

    Representing a new generation of gourd artists, Lizzet Hurtado chose to continue her family’s art tradition. When marrying Rodolfo a few years ago, the young couple started their own workshop, where they now work as a team and raise their daughter, Diamela. To read more about Lizzet and Rodolfo and the life of a businesswoman in Peru, click here!


    From ornaments or boxes to gallery art to birdhouses, gourds can be used to dress up any home and garden. Interested in the process of creating our gourd art? Check out our owl gourd demo kit.

    We also have videos showing our artists creating our gourd birdies, our owl gourd ornaments, and our Santa Claus gourd ornaments.

    Our blogs about our gourd artists will give your stories to share.

    Story sheets can make each gourd an even better gift.

    Care Instructions

    Keep them dry and they may last as long as those 400 year-old gourds that have been found in the Peruvian dessert. We recommend not keeping gourds in a humid bathroom. And birdhouses will last longest in a dry location, such as beneath an overhang.

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    Snowflakes - Petite Carved Gourd Box

    Size2"D x 2"H
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