Whimsy Fish - Medium

Sale! Whimsy Fish - Medium Gourd Box
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Our new whimsical fish gourds showcase the amazing talents of our gourd carvers in Peru. Each gourd is hand carved and burned using a 4,000 year old technique. See the entire collection of whimsical nature gourds for 2013. This amazing new design is also available as an ornament and small box . Price shown is for one box. Details will vary as artist and nature intended.
CGB754M Whimsy Fish
CGB754M Whimsy Fish CGB754M Whimsy Fish CGB754M Whimsy Fish

    Meet the Artist

    Pablo and Ana run a workshop and have carved gourds for many years.

    Gourd Boxes

    Gourd boxes are wonderful and usually durable as long as you do NOT get them wet or put them where they will be humid. So if you want your gourd to stay beautiful a long time, an air conditioned room is great, but the bathroom is not so good.

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    Artist CMS Block Idartist_pah_pablo
    Short DescriptionSale! Whimsy Fish - Medium Gourd Box
    Size4"D x 3"H
    Size LabelMedium
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