Flower Bouquet

Flower Bouquet - Primavera Gourd Ornament

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Straight out of Fantasy Land’s multicolor fields of flowers, this intricately hand-carved gourd ornament will stand out against any backdrop! Add a burst of springtime color to your holiday decor and guests will feel the warmth.

A little legend: A skillful embroiderer once married a master gourd carver. After watching her husband work, the embroiderer decided to incorporate her passion for vibrant colors into her husband’s work. That is how the Primavera technique is said to have been created.

As a modern twist to this 4,000-year-old tradition, these ornaments represent a new folk art form that is constantly evolving. Finely hand-carved and color-dyed by artists in the Andes of Peru.

The price displayed is for one ornament. Stands at around 2.5”-3.5” tall and the details vary as nature and the artist intended. It comes ready to hang!

CRG215C Flower Bouquet
CRG215C Flower Bouquet CRG215C Flower Bouquet CRG215C Flower Bouquet
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    Flower Bouquet - Primavera Gourd Ornament

    Size2" - 3.5"H
    Size LabelPetite
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