Hyacinth - Gourd Ornament

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So many colors, so little time! These splendid gourd ornaments will add lavish splashes of color around the Christmas tree and home. Of course, we can’t overlook the attention to detail. The hand-carved flowers are exquisite and a treat to admire!

These fair trade grand gourds are hand-carved and naturally colored with fire by a Peruvian artist using a 4,000-year-old technique. They stand from 1.5” to 2.5” tall.

Details vary as nature and the artist intended. The price shown is for one ornament.

CRG617C Hayacinth
CRG617C Hayacinth CRG617C Hayacinth CRG617C Hayacinth
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    Hyacinth - Gourd Ornament

    Size2" - 2.5"H
    Size LabelPetite
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