Fair Trade

Fair Trade

a win-win conscious choice

At Lucuma Designs, we LOVE everything handmade but our passion goes way beyond the joy of sharing beauty. We believe in a world where everyone should have an opportunity to prosper and live with dignity. To do our share, our priority goes towards creating those opportunities for our artist partners in Peru.

Through their art, our Peruvian artists are gradually been empowered to improve their lives, invest in their kids education and gain a stronger voice within their communities. Find more about our artists.

As consumers when we shop for amazing handmade gift, or maybe a bar of fair trade chocolate, rice, coffee, or quinua, we also get a real boost of empowerment and warmth when we realize that our purchasing choices do make a difference. And that for us is truly the beauty of Fair Trade!

Fair Trade your Shop!

To reach conscious consumers, Lucuma Designs relies on the loyalty and hard work of like-minded specialty retailers like you. Our lines can be found at over 500 fair trade shops, museums, galleries, boutiques, high-end catalogs and other specialty stores who share our values and appreciate the quality of our original handmade collections.

By promoting fair trade products within your store and sharing their artist story and tradition, you become part of the worldwide Fair Trade movement which is growing! With this, your everyday work changes the world for the better, one gift at a time!

To support even more artists around the world, we encourage you to discover other cool and high quality handmade lines from our Fair Trade Friends and the Fair Trade Federation.

Our Fair Trade Commitment & Values

Lucuma Designs has been an active member of the Fair Trade Federation since 1999 and we are thrilled to be part of this network of like-minded businesses who share our values for justice, compassion and sustainability.

Our values are reflected in our Five Beauty Pillars and by the Fair Trade Principles we follow as established by the FTF.