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Spread love and peace with this vibrant dove! She would love to deliver your special message. Whether it’s a thank-you note or a “just because” gift, she will certainly bring smiles!

Our collection of ceramic Confetti Greeting Pals comes straight from the artists’ hands. Each Greeting Pal comes with one scroll of paper and a gift box.

FCM157P Dove Messenger
FCM157P Dove Messenger FCM157P Dove Messenger FCM157P Dove Messenger FCM157P Dove Messenger FCM157P Dove Messenger FCM157P Dove Messenger

    Edwin Edwin Huasacca Condori - Ceramic Artist

    Edwin Huasacca Condori was born in the town of Quinua in Ayacucho Peru where ceramics are a way of life. He learned his art from his dad. In the 80s, he and his four brothers escaped to Lima during the difficult times of violence. They established their homes and workshops side by side. To this day they still work together and collaborate in larger projects.

    Edwin enjoys the challenge of creating new and original pieces. He likes to make real life characters. Once he has an idea, he enjoys creating it directly into clay without the need of making a sketch or drawing. He works with his wife and enjoys providing work to the community of painters in his area.

    Edwin learned and refined the colorful painting style you see on Lucuma's confetti collection while in Lima. This evolution of the art form keeps the designs fresh and fun.

    Ceramic Confetti Ornaments

    Video:Edwin Creating a Fair Trade, Ceramic Goat Ornament in Peru
    About: Have you ever wondered what it takes to create one of our Confetti Ornaments? Watch our master ceramist, Edwin as he brings our newest addition, Capo the Goat, to life!

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