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Wholesale Basics

$250 minimum initial order and only $100 for reorders.

Resale Tax Id required during registration and with first wholesale order.

Order Online to take advantage of online only specials, check on availability, and re-order quickly from your order history!

Order by phone toll free 877-858-2862 Monday - Friday from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm EST except holidays (or use 941-360-8087 from outside the USA).

Order by fax 877-363-0735 (or use 941-203-1013 from outside the USA).

Credit Card 
you may use a Visa, MC or Amex and your card will be charged once your order gets processed and only for the products that ship when ordering within the US.

International Clients are requested to pay by money transfer or bank transfer only. Sorry but at this moment we are unable to accept international credit cards.

Net 30 terms available upon approved credit check and for reorders only. Payment by check is required for all term invoices and a late fee of 2% per month will apply. To apply, please complete this form and submit at least three active references.

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