fair trade your shop


  • Because more than ever, as consumers or businesses managers, we want to know where the products we buy come from, who makes them, and what is our real impact. We want to become more responsible and shop with our values as much as possible.
  • Every day, more people are waking up to the fact that our modern way of life has become too wasteful and is placing more pressure on those less fortunate than us and on our beautiful blue planet. If we want to be aligned with a more sustainable future, fair trade offers us a practical path or road map anyone can follow.
  • By committing even a small corner of your store to handmade and fair trade products, you become part of the world-wide fair trade chain of solidarity, and that makes a difference.
  • Fair Trade gifts infuse your store with meaning and purpose so your everyday work makes the world a kinder place.
  • By sharing the stories of the artists who created them, you help build stronger connections, touch hearts and empower shoppers to become active forces for positive change with every fair trade gift they buy, and that is win-win!

Our store partners:

To reach conscious consumers across the US, Canada and few other places around the world, Lucuma Designs relies on the dedication of like-minded specialty shops such as yours. Our collections of gourds, knitted finger puppets, Christmas ornaments, and folk art can be found at over 800 fair trade shops, botanical gardens, art museums, nature centers, galleries and other cool shops.

Other fair trade collections:

The more, the merrier! Of course we hope you may find our Lucuma Designs’ lines exciting for your store, but please don’t stop there! Visit our favorite fair trade friends to discover their original fair trade collections. And with over 100 fair trade wholesalers doing amazing work around the world, the Fair Trade Federation is the place to go.

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