Web Store Policy

As a fair trade company, we work hard to improve the lives of talented artists and craftsman by selling their artwork in a viable marketplace. Our goal is to bring a win-win proposition to the marketplace that leads to sustainable long-term success for everyone.

To keep this chain of success moving, and thinking about our artists and current store partners first, we protect the exclusivity of our lines by limiting their web exposure. It also has been our experience through the years that our handmade products sell best when people can touch, feel, and see them face to face. Because of this, at this moment we focus our efforts by serving brick and mortar stores.

brick & mortar store: if you are already a client, the authenticity and originality of our handmade collections should already be helping  your store stand out. In return, we request that you help us limit the exposure of our lines by not selling them online. Product photos may be shown on your store website for marketing purposes only. By ordering from Lucuma Designs you agree to this terms.

online retailer: we are sorry but at this moment we are unable to support online businesses and we hope that you will understand why. We also wish that this policy could be updated in the future if and when we discover a way to solve our complicated dilemma.

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