our story

Our Story

Loving People, Nature & Beauty

“Lucuma Designs was born from our desire to contribute to the world in a positive way while having fun. Don’s interest in the new digital world and my passion for color, design and the beauty of handmade paired to create opportunities for top craft artists in my native land of Peru. For over twenty years, our hearts have been transformed by this adventure. Fair and compassionate trade has become a lifestyle. Our artists’ work and ingenuity, still surprise me with the same sense of wonder I felt while young strolling the craft markets in Peru. It is our ongoing commitment to the beauty around us, from the crafts and the people we work with, that truly sustains and drives us forward!” Alessandra, co-founder of Lucuma Designs

Our Mission

Through collaboration Lucuma Designs provides opportunities for artists in Peru and Costa Rica to help their families and communities. Our love for Mother Earth drives us to seek harmony in all we do while inspiring others to do the same. With Fair Trade, we empower artists, buyers and consumers alike to build together a kind and beautiful world! Proud members of the Fair Trade Federation since 1999 and 1% for the Planet since 2018.


  • Loving Nature, People & Beauty: because the world could always use a little more beauty, and a lot more of love, our Beauty Pillars guide our work.
  • Fair Trade: in 1998, the term “Fair Trade” was unknown to us. A year later we were thrilled to discover a network of like-minded businesses joining the Fair Trade Federation.
  • Our Artist: partners in Peru are organized within 20+ small family workshops throughout Peru. Learn more about the artists in our blog and see their videos!
  • Women: Of the 300+ artists and crafters we reach, over 80% are women. Their work empowers them to have a stronger voice within their households and communities.
  • Boruca Rainforest Masks: since 2016, Lucuma Designs has been representing a collective of indigenous artists from the Boruca tribe in Costa Rica. Their elaborate and vibrant masks, carved from balsa wood and painted serve as ambassadors for their culture and tell the story of their historic struggle since colonial times.
  • 1% for the Planet: in July of 2018, Lucuma Designs joined the “1% for the Planet” network to step up on our commitment to sustainability and environmental awareness.
  • Lucuma Fruit: the bright orange-yellow color of this tasty Peruvian fruit reminds us of the vibrancy of Peruvian Folk Art so it inspired our name.
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